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Night Lamp White Noise Machine

Night Lamp White Noise Machine

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Your ultimate companion for a restful and relaxing sleep experience, this 2-in-1 device is designed to create an optimal sleep environment, helping you drift off to dreamland in no time

Featuring a dimmable multi-colored night light which allows you to set the perfect ambiance in your bedroom, simply choose from a range of soothing colors to create a calming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and eases you into a peaceful slumber.

The white noise machine generates a variety of non-looping, relaxing sounds that effectively mask disruptive noises, ensuring that you get a good night's sleep.

Choose from a wide range of soothing sounds, including rain, ocean waves, and gentle forest sounds, to create a personalized soundscape that suits your preferences.


  • Dimensions: 4.3" x 5.8"
  • Weight: 11.2oz
  • USB-C Charger Included
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